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With all the disasters happening around the world, you want to help as much as you can. You might not have enough money to donate to all these organizations. It can be hard to pick which charity to put your money towards. In such a short time, so much has happened to a large part of the world and there are millions of people in need. How do you know which groups and charities are going to put your money to the best use? How do you know you are not donating to a fraud organization?


Either the natural is close to home or close to your heart. Some of the best charities could be the ones that share the same values as you. Find a cause that inspires you, then do research on the organizations that can help support that cause. Maybe you’re close to Northern California or have friends that live near the destruction caused by the wildfires. You can donate locally and help the community grow from the ashes.


Money isn’t the only way you can donate. Your time can be a great resource to support a charity. Cleaning up neighbors, restoring houses, or spending time with people who have lost family members can be worth more than any monetary donation you could give. Areas affected by natural disasters may not have the resources or ability to rebuild their communities. You could volunteer your time to show that they are not alone and they will not be forgotten during this heartbreaking time in their lives.


You want to make sure your donation is being used to its fullest extent and is being used the right way. You should evaluate the charities you want to donate to before extending the gift. It seems like a daunting task but it is necessary to avoid fraud. Look for the description on the actions they take, not just that they are discussing a problem that needs to be fixed. If they don’t state the work they are doing to lead to a solution to the disasters, ask questions and look into their experience in helping with natural disaster relief. You want to put your money or time towards the charity that is going to have the best outcome using your donation.