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Giving donations to a nonprofit doesn’t always feel as helpful as hoped. At times, donors give as much as they can but often don’t see the impact they were looking for. When it comes to making donations, there needs to be an effort of time and consideration. A lot of donors overlook these details and are upset when they don’t see results. But there is a way to make an impact with your donations:

It’s not always about the money

To see an impact, you must first know the impact you want to make. To do this, find a charity that fits the same mission as yours. Most of the time this means it’s not always about how much money you give, but about how the charity uses your donation. Many donors think that good intentions and a lot of money mean a lot of impact, but that’s not the case. It’s important to not focus on how much money the charity has or their overhead costs, but instead look at the change they are trying to make. Are they helping those affected by a natural disaster? Giving third world countries the medication they need?

Once you’re clear on the impact they are trying to make, money still isn’t the main factor. No matter how small your donation may be, it can still make a difference. Funders with larger resources often focus on bigger issues, which means the donor can make an impact with very little money. For example, providing home-based health care to poor families in rural India overall costs $150. Helping a newborn get the care it needs would only be $7, which means you could be saving a child’s life with your small donation.

Find the right charity

So how do you find a legit charity that shares the same motives as you? Sometimes it’s hard to know if the money you are able to donate to a charity will show the results you are looking for. Luckily, there are sites to show you the which charities are showing results. Sites such as,, and help to guide you through which charities are legitimate, what they spend donations on and how much they’re spending. There is no way to gather impact results from these charities, but this will still help you make a decision of which to choose.

Don’t feel the need to pour as much money as you can into one charity. Giving to multiple charities is perfectly acceptable as well. If you find two or three nonprofits that match the same motives as you, spread around what you can give. After some time, you can decide if you want to concentrate your giving on one. There is no need to put all your eggs in one basket. You can still make a difference by giving to multiple charities.

Plan before donating

With so many opportunities to make donations and such a large amount of charities to choose from, making a charitable donation takes time to plan. If you act too fast and not carefully choose the charity that best meets the impact you’d like your donation to make, you won’t get the results you wanted. When it comes to donating to charity, treat it like an investment decision rather than an impulse buy. Make sure to do your research, accesses your finances and decide how much you are able to give and how often.

Making a difference doesn’t have to mean donating all your savings blindly to a cause. By taking the time to find the charity that fits your mission and is looking to make the same impact you do, you will get the results you were looking for.