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Donating to a worthy cause can be very rewarding and make an incredible impact. Introducing philanthropy into your business and marketing plan can improve your company’s image and give you a great promotion. Companies that give back have a better chance of appealing to the younger generation coming into the workforce and improve their marketing strategy. If you’re unsure of how to incorporate philanthropy into your business, here’s a few ways to get you started:


Find the Right Cause


After you’ve made the decision to get your company into giving back and charity work, you’ll need to find a worthy cause. There are many to choose from, but the best way to decide is to find a charity that fits into what your company is all about. Meaning if your company produces clothing and other goods, find a cause that donates goods to people in need. The closer the cause is to your company, then you can make a larger impact. Take the time and do enough research to find a perfect charity that needs your company’s help.


Host a Charity Event


Finding the perfect charity is only the first step. You can go the easy route and simply make a donation to the cause. Going the extra mile instead will not only give a charity the help they need but also put your company in a better light. Consider collaborating with a nonprofit organization, plan an event to raise awareness and bring in more donations for the cause. This is a great way to market a new product or program of yours, but also encourage others to give back.


Include Every Employee


Incorporating philanthropy into your business should be a team effort and include all your employees. Volunteering and bringing everyone together to give back will improve the workplace environment and give your employees something they support and share. Make sure to get employees and customers engaged in your giving project or charity event. It’s important to collaborate with each other. When everyone is involved, a bigger difference will be made.


Focus on Giving Back


When getting your business involved with charity work and giving back, don’t look at it solely to improve your marketing strategy. The point of volunteering should be to help a cause that you are passionate about. It’s better to actually make a difference more than just promoting your business. It will inspire your employees and customers to see you passionate about helping and charitable giving. Understand that too much self-touting can come across as fake and insincere. It may even have the opposite effect and put your company in a bad light. It’s acceptable to mention your business, but be sure to keep to focus on the charity you’re helping.