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When businesses give back to their communities, there can be many speculations as to why they are doing it. Is there something in it for them? Are they doing it for image reasons? Are they just giving back because they care? But in the end, why should it matter? This business decided to take time, money, and initiative to help others.


Giving back is a good way for businesses to gain positive exposure and increase their recognition on social media properties and in the news. The work is still being done. It would be a different story if the company went to help pick up trash in a local park and only picked up a couple of pieces to get some pictures to post online. Companies make these events all day long and put in a lot of work to help a good cause.


Companies who are taking the time to go out and donate to a charitable cause deserve the recognition. They are not only bringing exposure to what they do but also what needs to be done and charities that may need more help. There might be a shelter or humane society that isn’t well-known. Their charity work and outreach could inform other companies and individuals of the work that needs to be done in a certain sector. If a competitor sees the competition getting press about doing charitable acts, it may incline them to also help out in their community. It may seem like a selfish reason, but they are still helping out.


Charitable giving is being powered by an increase in the economy. Giving USA’s results for the annual report on philanthropy for the year 2017 has reached around $410 billion. Giving by corporations have increased eight percent from 2016. Charitable dollars are going to religion, education, human services, foundations, health, public-society benefit, arts, culture, humanities, international affairs, environment, animals, and to individuals.


Companies should take more corporate social responsibility. It can attract and retain more employees and clients that also share an interest in helping charities. You want to hire the people that have seen your charitable campaigns and are interested in getting involved not only in the workplace but outside the workplace to create a positive community.


So if you are looking for something your company to do as a group, don’t let the whispers about alternative motives stop you from helping your community. You may want to get your business’s name out into the public more and what better way to do it than by helping others.